Day long workshop on ``Charismatic power of Tele sales’’

Last Date of Registration: August 17, 2022
Venue House# 05 (1st Floor), Flat# A-1, Block # D, Road # 17, Banani, Dhaka -1213 (Classroom)


If you follow the steps, system will work for you…!

Telemarketing can be used by businesses to fulfill a number of roles - from lead generation to customer service, it offers a personal touch to clients who are feeling increasingly distant from automated, online experiences.

Businesses these days are using every available platform to do marketing of their company, products and services. They use telemarketing, email marketing, advertisements and many other different tools to gain sales and expand their business. Telemarketing is still the most used method out of all of these.

All the above-mentioned methods have their own pros and cons. Telemarketing is an important way of increasing sales of a company due to the number of benefits it offers. It gives instant replies and does not keep customers waiting for answers. We get to guess to mood and interest of a person on call by judging their conversation with us.

Why Telesales?

  1. Helps to raise brand awareness : Telemarketing helps your company and gives a hand in expanding its name all around. Building permanent customers may spread good words about it as they will review it over its good quality. This creates awareness about the products and services you provide. It all depends on increasing your PR and public value.
  2. Help to Market your goods or services :Telemarketing plays a very important role in the sales of the goods and services that your company provides. This way it increases its market value and customers.
  3. Gives you a chance to follow up : If you don’t want to give up on a regular client, you have an option of following up. Though, it is suggested to make them aware about it in your last call so that they should be prepared next time. Following up on a client or a regular customer lets you stay updated to every recent thing that goes around. 
  4. Reduces Operational Costs : Telemarketing is a cost-effective method for a business to generate leads, promote and sell products or services, update the customers, do market research and survey, and many other important business processes. 
  5. Immediate Feedback on Products and Services : Telemarketing allows you to get a measure of how interested your customers are with your products/services. It is also an effective way to collect quality customer feedback and discover more about the experience of a client with your brand.
  6. Helps You Connect with Decision-Makers: Contacting potential clients, especially businesses, can sometimes take a lot of time as there are instances when the boss is busy or is not around. Telemarketing can help you speed up the process by going straight to the top
  7. Leads to Face to Face Meeting : Remember that if there are customers who prefer to have the conversation through a phone call, there are also some who want face to face meetings. Telemarketing can help you with your appointment setting
  8. Creates Effective Databases : Telemarketing allows you to keep an up-to-date database. You need to determine the demographic of your customers and always ask relevant questions. An example of this is their location to add information to your database. 

Contents of workshop:

Part A

  • What is Telemarketing? How does it works?
  • Preparation of telemarketing.
  • Type of calls in telemarketing i.e. Outbound call, up sales & cross sales.
  • Golden rules of telemarketing.
  • Difference between telesales and telemarketing.
  • How to start interest creating opening question with prospect?
  • Eradicate nervousness.
  • Universal and Golden rules and knowledge.
  • How to develop sales script.
  • Never uses.
  • How to improving and practicing listing skill
  • How  End a Call Politely
  • Take Action on Your Calls
  • Practice Makes Perfect

Part B

  • How to follow up Prospects/customers though telesales process. 
  • Develop personal qualities for telesales.
  • How to return reluctant prospects.
  • Customer Judges the company by several factors.
  • Ask Good Questions.
  • How to develop patience for unmanageable prospects/customers.
  • What to do when prospects phone is ringing.
  • What to do when prospect is in meeting.
  • Managing no-call-list.
  • How customer show reluctances to the company.
  • Closing techniques.
  • After sales support and how to make own customer.
  • How to make permanent customer by continuous CRM.

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Day long workshop on ``Charismatic power of Tele sales’’
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Day long workshop on ``Charismatic power of Tele sales’’

Telemarketing is an important way of increasing sales of a company due to the number of benefits it offers.